For less charcoal consumption, use energy saving stove

Advocacy on the use of energy saving of fuel efficient stoves has always focused on rural areas where presumably almost all residents, (approximately 90 percent of all households) use firewood for cooking.

However, environmentalists think there should be a change of approach and focus on urban areas where the consumption of charcoal and firewood is even greater. Discussing the energy situation in Tanzania, they said that statistics show that urban areas need more of such advocacy because of the patterns of use and demand of the charcoal and firewood.

Their argument is supported by a Policy Brief on ‘Biomass Energy: Marginalized but an Important Energy Source for the Majority in Tanzania’ issued by the Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO) in March, 2016.

The brief said that about 71 percent of all urban households in Tanzania consume charcoal while about 19 percent use firewood. The brief showed that in Dar es Salaam, 91 percent of all households consumed charcoal in 2012, and 3 percent consumed firewood.

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