Flower company to generate own solar power

Flower exporting company, Oserian Development Company on Thursday launched its solar energy power plant with a capacity to generate 1 megawatt (MW).

Integrated with the existing geothermal power, the firm will now produce sufficient renewable energy for consumption by tenants and residents of the Two Lakes Industrial Park. Combined, both plants have a capacity of 3.5MW.

Oserian developed the 2.5MW geothermal plant in 2003 and now has switched on solar power, making it among the first flower farms in the world to operate on the two green energy sources and relying 100 per cent on own generated energy for business and residential use.

The firm introduced geothermal powered tugs (trucks) two years ago that transport flowers from greenhouses to the pack house, a development that has saved about 300,000 litres of diesel and led to a cleaner environment.

Source: Standard Digital



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