First roll-out of solar-hybrid mini-grids in the islands of Lake Victoria, Tanzania

With the financial support from the European Union and other partners, JUMEME, a rural electricity supplier, will electrify 10 islands in Lake Victoria, with a population of more than 80.000 people, through off-grid solutions.

This first phase of the “Micro power economy roll-out project” will see 20 villages electrified by the end of 2018, though the installation of 11 solar hybrid mini-grids. The estimated investment cost will be around EUR 5 million, part of which is financed by the European Union under the ACP-EU Energy Facility, but also through other sources such as AfDB’s Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa and GIZ.

For the pilot project, a 95 kW solar hybrid power station was installed in the village of Bwisya on the island of Ukara, which is now serving energy to more than 1000 inhabitants. The project has led to both the growth of existing businesses and the creation of new ones and contributed to the empowerment of women by giving them economic opportunities.

Source: PV-Magazine


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