Fenix Uganda complains about substandard solar products on the market

Daniel Willette, Managing Director of Fenix International Uganda, states that the distribution of substandard products negatively affects the customer the most – customers who want and deserve access to modern and reliable energy services, such as durable, high-quality solar systems. To solve this issue, the solar industry, together with regulators, needs a system of checks and balances where high-quality products can be distinguished from the substandard products, and these items denied entry into the market.

Willette continues: “As energy experts, together with government partners and regulators such as Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development (MEMD), Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), Ministry of ICT, UNBS, Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA), and others, we need to implement and enforce a code of conduct to ensure that consumers are guaranteed good quality products.”

Source: Daily Monitor



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