EnAccess announces Funding for Livelihood-focused Energy Access projects in Tanzania

EnAccess is looking for innovations or solutions that enhance the socio-economic impact of energy access in Tanzania. Funding is available for open source projects up to USD 150,000 that have the potential to demonstrate a novel livelihood-based energy access business model. We would like to see pilot concepts and/or ideas; this could include building and testing the prototypes that are beyond the exploratory stage and are ready for market validation.

EnAccess works with partners that share our enthusiasm for efficiency and collaboration to accelerate universal energy access around the world. The projects we fund are sector-building, and are published completely open source. For livelihoods projects, we see an opportunity to have a much bigger impact in the energy access sector if we try innovative, risk-taking ideas and share the results widely and ready-to-use. In this call for proposals, we want to see ideas that have a livelihood’s theory of change at their core.

Submissions should come in by 30 October 2020. If you submit early there will be an advantage, as we plan to select and distribute funding on a rolling basis – we will not wait until 30 October to make a final decision. But don’t let this stop you from applying after the end of October – as long as you see the form up on our website, it means that we are interested in receiving proposals.

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