Electricity tariff drop not enough to grow industrial sector

The new tariff plan for the quarter under review released on Oct.04 will see domestic consumers pay Shs769.5 down from Shs771.1 kWh, with commercial consumers paying Shs686.1, down from Shs687 per kWh.

Similarly, medium industrial consumers will pay Shs614.4 down from Shs615.3 per kWh; large industries Shs382, down from Shs383.8kWh; extra-large industries Shs312.5, down from Shs314.1 kWh whereas street lighting will pay Shs752.2, down from Shs752.8 per kWh during the same period under review.

But this new tariff is higher than that of 2014, signaling a continued surge in electricity bills and lowering industrial sector’s competitiveness in the region.

Full article: Independent



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