Demand and impact perceptions of productive use appliances in 2018

Efficiency for access coalition

The following section describes respondent rankings for the anticipated off-grid consumer demand and potential impact of the 20 products in the business/productive use appliance category. For the business/productive use segment, the new categories added in 2018 are: food drying units, air conditioning units, milk chilling units, and ice makers. As with the household uses segment, tablets/ laptops were presented as one category, and welding tools were added to the soldering irons option from the previous survey. Refrigeration was disaggregated to differentiate use cases, i.e. refrigeration units for light commercial versus agricultural cold chain use.


Here are the main findings:

  • Comparing demand versus impact rankings (Figure 4), solar water pumps were ranked the highest in terms of both anticipated consumer demand and potential impact.
  • Refrigeration for agricultural cold chain and refrigeration/freezer units for light commercial/SME use were ranked second and third respectively, again in terms of both demand and impact.
  • LED room lighting, phones, and televisions were ranked consistently lower compared to household demand or impact rankings, but were still among the top ten products.
  • Of the newly added categories, milk chilling units and food drying units made it into the top ten ranking in terms of consumer demand, ranking sixth and tenth respectively. Milk chilling units received an even higher ranking (fifth) in terms of impact.
  • Air conditioning units was another new product category added to the 2018 survey, and ranked sixteenth in terms of consumer demand and impact. Along the same vein, fans for industrial use were also ranked very low in terms of both demand and impact (seventeenth in both cases).
  • The appliance that showed a significant difference between demand and impact rankings was solar sewing machines, which were ranked seventeenth in terms of demand, but received a much higher impact ranking (ninth).


Comparative rankings of consumer demand versus impact potential of business/productive use appliances:

Download the full report: Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey: Perceived Demand and Impact Potential of Household, Productive Use and Healthcare Technologies



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