Davis And Shirtliff Calls On Kenyans To Install Rain Water Harvesting Systems

The  Water  Technology  firm Davis and Shirtliff  has asked  the government to consider putting  in place a law that will require  all  new buildings to be fitted with rainwater harvesting systems that divert rainwater into storage tanks.

The Water and Energy solutions company said the installation of the water systems on houses, apartments, offices, schools  and industrial sites will reduce consumption and lower water bills.

The  Davis and Shirtliff CEO, David  Gatende said the government should partner with the private sector to provide water  harvesting technologies, as wells as consider changing building plan approvals.

“People  respond  to  legislation  and  it  is  the government’s  responsibility  to  nudge  people  in  the right direction,” said  Gatende. He  observed that in 2012 the Energy Regulatory Commission enacted regulations requiring that premises with hot water  demand exceeding 100 litres per day install solar water heating systems to cater for at least 60 per cent of the demand.


Source: KNA