COVID Economic Relief Fund for Ugandan companies

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) in partnership with GIZ Energising Development (EnDev) Uganda is starting a project to support the off-grid solar and cook stove sectors to survive the COVID-19 crisis and increase resilience. GIZ was commissioned by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and engaged Private Sector Foundation Uganda to implement this project.

The COVID Economic Relief Fund aims at providing bridging support to Solar and Cookstove companies as well as PAYGO customers a) to help maintain current levels of access to energy, b) to support companies to survive the crisis and c) to build resilience for future challenges. The Fund will run from November 2020 – March 2021.

The COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund is open to all off-grid solar and cookstove companies operating in Uganda.

Eligibility criteria

General eligibility (applicable for all categories)

  • Registered in Uganda since at least one year
  • Demonstrated financial capacity, preferably through presenting audited financial statements for at least one year, or – if these are not available – presentation of one year’s original bank statement stamped by the issuing bank or tax clearance
  • Solar companies/Eligibility criteria
  • A manufacturer and distributor of its own solar products
  • A third-party solar product distributor
  • Must be a member with USEA

Minimum requirements for technologies sold by the solar companies:

  • Tier one or above in line with the multi-tier access framework for electrification
  • Products with at least one-year warranty and after-sales service approach
  • Lithium-based battery technology or alternatively deep-cycle, long life lead-acid batteries
  • Be sold or installed to end-consumers on a commercial basis.
  • Biomass Cook Stove Companies / Eligibility criteria
  • A producer or distributor of own improved cook stove (ICS) products
  • A third-party ICS distributor
  • Membership in a sector association like UNREEA, UNACC and BEETA is of advantage

Minimum requirements for technologies sold by the cook stove companies:

  • At least class 3 compliant regarding thermal efficiency under Uganda National Stove Standard (US 761:2019, Biomass Cookstove Requirements)
  • OR stove(s) to be promoted have at least 35% fuel efficiency compared to the base line stove (3-stone fire) under the harmonized testing protocol based on independent results from an accredited institution
  • Warranty of at least 1 year and a projected life expectancy of at least 2 years.
  • Be sold or installed to end-consumers on a commercial basis.
  • Associations and Training Entities
  • Representing body of solar off-grid companies or cook stove companies
  • Training Entity with proven track record in trainings for cook stove and/or solar companies

Minimum requirements

  • Ready-designed trainings / training modules / coaching schemes or similar
  • Ready for implementation

Eligibility of services and products to be financed

Companies and associations / training entities can apply for funding for the following item categories. Others can be suggested by the participants in their proposal but will be revised by the Fund Manager according to fund targets.

How to apply

The application form and guidelines are available on the PSFU website at