Climate change: Uganda requires full transition to renewable energy

Renato Rossi / Daily Monitor

Uganda is seeing an explosion of business and development in both rural and urban areas, demanding new levels of energy consumption that the country has never seen before.

In the fight for climate, this country is in need of transition to 100 per cent renewable energy, and becoming a true ambassador of change that the world so desperately needs. Currently, Ugandan government has been using hydro powered by the Nile and Lake Victoria to power its cities and major consumption areas. Although, this is not enough.

Introducing, the sun. Solar energy has taken the off-grid Ugandan energy scene by storm. With numerous companies on ground, the sun has been efficiently put to work. Options such as pay-as-you-go solar, linking even the most remote locations and poorest of people to an opportunity to gain the gift of light. Ensuring these small businesses and youth get the proper tools, is the fundamental first step towards combating global warming in a large scale.

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