Clean cooking energy solutions key in transforming the people’s lives

Energy stakeholders have called on Tanzanians to adopt clean cooking energy solutions to transform lives and rescue the environment and the forests in particular from rapid deforestation.

There should be collaborative efforts among stakeholders in promoting and creating awareness on the use of highly efficient EPCs in areas with access to reliable electricity. Waive and provide tax incentives and other legal requirements. Reduce import duty tariffs and value added taxes (VAT) to EPCs as it is applied to LPGs and solar equipment, this can promote and facilitate massive influx and supply of the appliance as to make them affordable to majority of the end users. Ensure that only the best quality and highly efficient appliances are certified and imported by strengthen and enforcing bylaws through Tanzania Bureau of standards (TBS) and fair competition Commission (FCC) and the government should encourage the energy service providers which includes Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO), Rural Energy Agency (REA) and mini-grid developers to prioritize delivering cooking services to their customers.

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