Can mini grids and higher consumption bring energy to all in Uganda?

Though the current upfront costs of an unsubsidized mini grid are similar to those of a grid connection — between $500 and $2,100 — Power for All says these can be reduced by 60% by 2030, through standardized systems, a decline in hardware costs, minimized regulatory barriers, and low-cost financing, among other factors.

But even when access is achieved, electricity consumption levels in Africa are low and utilities fail to recover their costs. To counter this, partners at Twaake are trying to get consumers to increase their consumption and their income.

The project provides asset finance for electrical appliances for small businesses, Leopold said. So far, 26% of businesses in Nyenje village have received income-generating assets. According to Power for All, these businesses increased their revenue by over 70% and electricity consumption by over 50%.

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