Call for applications: Hivos African Crossroads programme in Kenya

Hivos is calling on individuals who are living or working in Africa and interested in exploring the continent’s cutting-edge trends in art, technology, design and entrepreneurship to apply for the 2019 edition of the African Crossroads Sense the City programme in Mombasa, Kenya, from 20 to 23 November.

The programme is intended for 150 participants who will examine the diversity of African cities in all their multisensory aspects.

The programme seeks to address some of the following questions:

  • How do we sense the African cities of today and tomorrow?
  • How do these cities sound, taste, feel and move?
  • And how do they sense us in return?

The African Crossroads 2019 comprises four tracks. The first three days will feature round tables, workshops and artworks as well as product and innovation displays. The event will conclude with a fourth open day when the participants will share their ideas and conclusions with the public.

The four tracks are as follows:

  • Sound: This track focuses on the voices of African cities: music industries, the oral history, storytellers, etc. active on the continent. What do African cities sound like?
  • Taste: This track unveils the taste of the African cities with the latest developments, enterprises and innovations in urban food. What is street food and what is sustainable food in 21st century Africa?
  • Feel: This track looks at the urban fabric of the city. How do we feel the city? What is the ‘skin’ of the city? The programme will explore fashion.
  • Move: This track follows the movements and energy of African cities and aims to spark discussions on energy streams, urban transportation and logistics. How do we move through the city?

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