Beyond the grid: Innovation takes power to more homes – M-Kopa

We certainly see the need for the grid when it comes to large power users. But for millions of small homes and businesses it is just a wire. We believe the home system is much more useful because of the appliances that we can bundle with it.

In the next five years $457 million (Sh46.6 billion )will be invested in the private sector by the government and funding partners to reach a total of 1.96 million households. We know from recent experience that it is no longer enough for homes or businesses to simply be connected to power. They need finance and access to quality appliances that can help them be healthier, wealthier and more connected.

The strategy’s projections that an investment in grid of $2.25 billion will lead to three million households connected, which works out at $750 per connection

A $33 million investment in mini-grids will lead to 35,000 households connected, which works out at $950 per connection. Whereas solar home systems only cost $235 (Sh23,970)per connection, with the $460 million (Sh46.9 billion) investment connecting 1.96 million households.

We see a near future where millions of off-grid Kenyan homes are ‘connected’. They are using clean energy to power a range of smart pay-as-you-go appliances. These appliances will be connected to the Internet of Things with their working condition designed and tailored for a specific home of business.

Full article: Business Daily



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