Are green jobs the answer to youth unemployment?

The burden of youth unemployment could be reduced by what has become to be called Green Jobs.

“If you are engaged in doing eco-stoves, recycling paper, garbage, ecotourism, planting trees, you are cleaning the environment without harming it, those jobs that reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency, respond to occupational safety, you are engaged in green jobs,” says Mr Pius Bigirimana, permanent secretary Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, whose department is championing the adoption of green jobs.

The government of Uganda is pushing for green occupations because they help reduce negative environmental impact, promote safety and health conditions at work.

Under the Uganda Green Incubation Programme, more than 100 youths and women found jobs, market and agro-forestry gardens were established, 18 fish ponds, piggery and poultry units were established among other things.
These successes are said to be sifting into the economy. Ten industrial business shelters with common user facilities are in plan and focus will be on mechanical, metal fabrication, welding, plumbing, construction, design, textiles, agro-processing and carpentry.

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