Africa’s solar energy sector keeps people afloat during the Corona crisis

Picture: SunTransfer Kenya Ltd.

While the spread of the coronavirus continues, implications of the virus can be seen all over the world. The numbers of the sick and the dead, the global fear, the damage to the economy and the social distancing policy, all are already affecting most of humanity. But while the virus itself does not differentiate and affects people in developed and developing countries in the same way, the economic impact is a different story. In this context, once again, the huge gaps between people in different countries are highlighted, and as always, the weakest are those who suffer the most.

The hundreds of millions of people who are now required to stay in home quarantine without electricity do not dream of Netflix or Zoom.

Home electricity has far more basic and significant effects, that directly affect their lives. Therefore, especially during the Corona crisis, home electricity is more important than ever, and the need for an inclusive reality, in which every human enjoys basic services, becomes even clearer.

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