Africa’s Energy Landscape: Solar Lodges and Mega-Projects

AndreasGoellner - Pixabay

More and more safari lodges across Africa are turning to green energy alternatives; alternatives that are clean and of lesser environmental impact compared to the conventional fossil fuel energy resources. It’s not only a better option for the environment but also adds favorably to the African safari experience.

The use of diesel generators is the conventional method of keeping the lights on in many safari lodges in remote African regions, but these are often noisy and distracting from the sounds of wild Africa. Now, renewable energy options offering cleaner, sustainable and also entirely noise-free alternatives.

But, as African safari lodges are transitioning to clean energy, a different debate is also roaming the plains of remote Africa—the impact of mega-projects on national parks and African wildlife. Here’s what we know about how energy generation is changing in popular African national parks regions.

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