UAE-based solar energy company Pawame secures $2.5m and launches $5m Series A round

Pawame is on target for its geographic expansion within and beyond Kenya, with the series A fundraising set to further accelerate its growth. Its current investors are primarily GCC based, with its largest shareholder being senior executives from the largest power utility companies of the Middle East as well as Launch Africa VC.

With a team of 80 employees and over 200 contract agents and technicians, Pawame plans to provide electricity to over 1 million people in sub-Saharan Africa that do not have access to grid power by 2025.

The start-up is also planning to extend its product range to other life enhancing products, including income generating appliances such as water tanks, solar water pumps and solar refrigerators, which will empower many families in rural areas to start their own business, and enable farmers to extend the life of their crops.

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