4,000 villagers in Meru District will soon start engaging into irrigation farming

Ngurdoto village chairman, Moses Ayo said that Ngurdoto village was officially established in 1973 and so far the village has 4000 residents from 5 suburbs that include Bondeni, Mburiashi, kati, Msamaneni and Mseseweni.

“We need water for irrigation farming so that we can cultivate tomatoes, vegetable, banana, maize and other cash crops to improve our livelihoods,” he noted.

He said they normally depend  on water for farming activities from Msamaneni suburb and the water is not enough to save farmers at Ngurdoto village.

“We believe the solar power well that will be established in our village with the support from the Korean government will help us to run our farming activities more easily and transform our lives,” he noted.


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