Kenya should not gamble with Energy Security

In a recent survey by Kenya Power, manufacturers said that power accounts for between 20%-30% of their total input costs. If power was made cheaper and reliable, the possibility of a multiplier effect across all sectors would be a game changer. There would also be an increase of jobs, cheaper goods and a robust export market.

Cost effective power is a major enabler in meeting the Big 4 agenda in Kenya today and our Vision 2030 blueprint which aims at accelerating sustainable growth, reducing inequality, and managing resource scarcity. There is no better way to kick-start this than making energy cheaper as it is a primary input in manufacturing, affordable housing, healthcare and agriculture. Cheap energy has the potential of transforming lives and accelerating growth across multiple sectors. Additionally, Kenyan consumers now have an opportunity to use cheap and clean energy compared to the current firewood which accounts for 70% of total energy use.

Source: Capital FM



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